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 Fritz         09-04-04 04:46   (Hit : 1064)
I'm going to tell you about my friend, Fritz. He is from Germany and has lived in Irvine for about 10 years. He of course misses Germany but He is not sure whether he will go back to his country someday. The place I met him the first was my favorite cafe Champagne bakery. We started talking by chance but that was all. But I almost went to the cafe every day and I was him soon. I found that he likes coffee and the cafe was very cozy which means it was hard to find that kind of style of cafe in Irvine. Anyway we found common interests such as coffee, international people, Korea and the same taste of cafe.

What I impressed of him was that he sometimes told me he is happy and he feels he is getting happy more. I like to hear that because it sounds there is hope as we get older. Is it too ambigous for you?

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