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 The dictation of Jane's speech         10-02-03 02:09   (Hit : 1042)
02/11/09 on Wednesday

TedTalks : Jane Goodall (2002)

1st day
Good morning everyone. I feel first of all it's been fantastic being here over this past few days. Secondly I feel great honor kind of wind up this extraordinary gathering people it is amazing talks we had. I feel that I fit in that many ways to some the things that I heard. To start it up, I came here from deep deep tropical rain forest in Ecuador. Well I was out you could only get that by plane  with indigenous people with paint on their faces and  p***  on hair dresses. These people are fighting to try and keep the oil companies and keep the roads out of the forest.   (~ 01:01)

Well they are fighting to develop own where they are living with in the forest. World is clean and world isn't contaminate. World isn't polluted. What is so amazing to me more to fit *** talking about here Ted is they are right middle of rain forest was some sun..panel the first part of Ecuador. That mainly bring water up by pumps that women wouldn't have to go down . Water was clean because there was a lot of batteries they will be store a lot of electricity every house, I think eight houses in the *** community   good have light for  I think it is half hour each evening. And there is a chief in all his legal finery with a laptop computer. This man, he has been outside and he's come back and he was saying, 'you know we have suddenly jumping in a whole new area we didn't even know white men fifty years ago now here we are with laptop computers and something we want to learn in modern world. we want to know about healthcare and we want to know about what people are interested in it and we want to learn languages. We want to know about English and French and perhaps Chinese and might good languages' (~ 02:28)

2nd day
so there is  his laptop computer but fight against *might**  of the pressures because    but fight against the pressure of world bank, IMF  ,  and of course  the people who wants to explore and take out the oil. so coming directly from there to here  but  my real field specialty lies even in different civilization and I really call it.  Civilization is different way of life from different being. We talked early this wonderful talk by Weigh Davids about different cultures, humans around the world, but the world is not composed only human being and also animal beings. I proposed bring in Ted conference .. always do around the world. So voice of the animal kingdom two open we just see  a few slide ***   available film, but this being has voices mean something.  I want to give you a greeting as from Chimpanzee in the forest of Tanzania.  ^___greeting___^

I've been studying Chimpanzee in Tanzania since 1960. During that time, they have been modern technologies *** really transformed ways in field of biologics do they work. For example, for the first time, a few years ago by simply collecting a little sample of        We ***  have them  to analyze    we actually know which male chimpanzee is father of individual infants. Because chimpanzee has very premise society.  It opens all avenue whole research.  We use a GSI, Geographic whatever .. , GSI anyway to determine raised Chimes and  We were using you can see that  I'm not really inter this stuff. We were using settery light image tree to look at the deep forestation in this area. (~ 4:58)

3rd day
and of course developments in  ***     you can watch animals at night and equipment for recording by video and tape recording getting and lighter and better so in many many ways we can do things today. We couldn't do when I begun in 1960. Specially when chimpanzees and other animals will enlarge brains to study in captivity, modern technology is helping us to search for the upper level cognition in some of this none human animals. So we know today they are capable of performance  we wouldn't been thought it is impossible. by the science I began. I think the chimpanzees in captivity who is the most skilled interactual performance in one code eye in Japan her naming's LOVE. She has a wonderfully sensitive partner working with her. She loves her computer. She's lived  her big group her running water on her trees everything. She's come in sit this computer. It is like a video game for kids. She's hooked. She is 28 by the way. She does think we had the computer screen at the touch pad that she can do faster than most humans. She does very complex toast to have time to into them .  Imagine things about the female is she doesn't like making mistakes. If she has a bad run, her score isn't good. She will come in reach up top on the gross, she can see this experiment which is asking to have an other going  her concentration. She is already concentrated her for 20 minutes also and now she wants to do all again just for satisfaction having done it better. Food is not important. she does get tiny ***  one race and correct response but she will do it if nothing you tell her beforehand. So you know here we are chimpanzee using a computer, chimpanzee ***    also learn human sign language.  But the point is when I was first in  Gambia  in 1960, I remember so well, so visibly  so yesterday. The first time when I was going to the vegetation,  chimpanzee was still running away from me the most part all some a little bit climitized and I saw this dug shape hunted over all in mount. (~ 7:28)

4th day
fortunately an adult chimpanzee who named David Grieved.  By the way scientists at that time are telling me I shouldn't have named them, number is more scientific. Anyway David Grieved, and I saw that he was peeking a little peace of gross and using them to *fishtemite**  on the ground the nest. Not only that he would sometime pickly  *** striped in to the leaves modifying objects to make it suitable prospective purpose. The beginning tool making. The reason was so exciting  at that time it was human is only human used made tools. When I was in school, we were defined man is tool maker, so Luis Mickey, my mentor, her *******  we redefined man and we redefined tool,  ***  except chimpanzee's human.  We now know that Gambia are along nine different ways which chimpanzee use different objects of different purposes. More over we know that different part of Africa whatever chimpanzee study. They are completely different tool using behaviors.  Because it seems this pattern  *past** one generation to next observation imitation practice .  That is definitely human culture. We found over the 40 ideas that I and others are studying about chimpanzees and the other  ***  and I would say a lot of mammoth complex brains in social systems.

It is the part of Sooyoung.
Sixty years…They can actually live longer than sixty in captivity so even it XX forty years in the wild so far. And we fine chimes capable up through compassion and altruism. We find XX nonverbal communication. It’s very rich to have lots of sounds which they use in different circumstances. But they also use touch post-gesture. What have they done? They kissed, they embraced, they hold hands they pat one another on the back, they swagger, they shake their feet. The kind of things we do and they do the same kind of context. And they have very sophisticated cooperation. Sometimes they hunt, but not that often. When they hunt they show sophisticated cooperation. And they share the prey. We find that they show emotions similar to may be sometimes the same as though we describe ourselves happiness, sadness, fear, disappear. They know mental as well as physical suffering and I don’t have time to go into the information of prove some of those things save to say that there are very bright student in the best university studying emotion to an animal studying personalities and animals. We know the chimpanzees and some other creatures can recognize themselves in mirror selves oppose to other. They have sense of humor. And these are the kind of things which traditionally have been thought of as human prerogatives. But these teaches are new respect.. not to need a chimpanzees are suggest but some of the ever amazing animals with whom we share this planet. Once we prepare to admit, that up through we are not the only being with personalities, minds, and bubble of feelings know me start to think about the way of use abuse so many other, sentient, sapient creatures on this planet. It really gives course for deep shame at least for me. So the sad thing is this chimpanzee perhaps tortures more than any other creature, a little humility. Our in wild is disappearing very fast. That disappearing for the reasons that all of you in this room know only toward deforestation, the growth of human populations, needing more land. This disappearing because the some team for company is going with clear cutting that disappearing in the house of their range in Africa because the big multinational logging company’s up coming in main roads they just want to Ecuador and other part with forest remain untouched to take out oil and timber. And this has led in Congo basin and other part of the world what is known with the bush meat trade.  This means that although for hundreds per thousands of year people have lifted in this forest whatever habitat it is in how many in that world just killing the animals they need for themselves and their families. Now suddenly because of the roads, the hunters Congo in front of the towns, they shooed everything, every single thing that moves just bigger than a small rat, they sundried or smoked XXX transport they take it on the logging trucks and on the mining trucks into the towns where they sell it and people will pay more for bush meat assess called than for the domestic meat it’s culturally proffered and it’s not sustainable and huge logging comps in the forest XXX demanding meats to the pigmy hunters in the Congo basin who have lived there with their wonderful way of living for so many hundred of years and our corrupt to their given weapon they shooed for the logging camps. They get money. Their culture is being destroyed along with the animals upon who made depend so and the logging camps removes nothing left. We talked already about the lots of human culture from diversity and I have seen that happening with my own eyes. The green pectoral in Africa and I love Africa what do we see in Africa? We see deforestation, we see the desert spreading, we see massive hunger, we see disease, we see population growth in areas whether or more people living on uncertain piece of land and the land can possibly support and then too poor to buy food from elsewhere. Where the people we heard by yesterday on the East Island who cut down a last tree. Were they stupid? They know what’s happening. Of course but if you have seen the crippling poverty. And some of these parts of the world it isn’t the question of that leaves in the tree for tomorrow how am I gain to feed my family today maybe I can guess just a few dollars from this last tree which was keep us going a little bit longer and we will pray that something will happen to save us from the inevitable end. So this is a pretty green picture. The one thing we have, which make source of different from chimpanzees to other living creatures. Is this the sophisticated spoken language? A language word which we can tell children about things XXX we can talk about the distant past, plan to the distant future, discuss ideas with each other so the ideas can grow  from accumulate wisdom of a group. We can do it by talking to each other, we can do it though, a video we can do it through the lesson word. And we are abuse indiscreet power we have to be wise stewards and we are destroying the world. And then develop to world in a way to worth because we have so much access to knowledge of the stupidity. What we are doing? Do you know we are raising, we are bringing little babies into a world we are in many places, the water is many poisoning them, and the air is harming them, and the foods grown contaminated land is poisoning them? And that’s not just in the far away developing well that’s everywhere do you know we will have about fifty chemicals in our bodies we didn’t have about fifty years ago. And so many of these diseases like as moron, certain kinds of cancers are only increase around places where are filled with toxic waste is dumped. We’re harming ourselves around the world as well as harming the animals, as well as harming nature herself, mother nature the brought send to being mother nature wear I believe we need to spend time with the streams, flowers, birds for a good psychological development. And yet there are hundreds and hundreds of children and develop toward, who have never seen nature, because they are growing up in concrete. And all they know is virtual reality with no opportunity so go on lie in the sun in the forest with dapple sun spec is coming down from the Canopian barv. As I was travelling around the world and I have lived in the forest that’s why I love to be, I had to live this passionate chimpanzees for my student’s filled stuff to continue studying because finding they dwindle from about two million hundreds of years ago to about hundred fifty thousands now. I knew I had to live the forest to do what I could tray XX when is surrounded the world the more I talked about chimpanzees plait, the more I realized the specs in everything into connected. And the problem of developing world is so often stem from the  greed of the develop toward everything was joining together and making not sense, hope lies in sense you said, it is making nonsense. How can we do it? Somebody said that yesterday and I was travelling around and I kept meeting young people who had lost hope. They were feeling disappear, they were feeling what well it doesn’t matter what we do, it dream can be marry for tomorrow we die everything hopeless where or is being told so by the media. And then I met some who are angry. And anger content of violence. World is familiar with that. I have three little grandchildren. When some of these were students, they would say to me high school or university. They say where angry or where you feel disappear. Because we feel you compromised our future and this is nothing we can do about it. And I look in eyes of my grandchildren and I think how much we have harmed this planet since I was their age. I feel this deep shame. And that’s why, in 1991 in Tanzania, I started the program it’s called “Roots and Shoots” but its little brochures is all around outside, and if any of you have and anything to do with children and care about their future I begged you pick up that brochure. And “Roots and Shoots” is a grogram for hope. Roots make a form foundation; Shoots seem tiny but to reach the some making break through XXXXXX see the XXXXXX is old problem we have been practiced on this planet. You see it is message for hope hundreds and thousands of young people around the world can break through and can make this better world. And the most important message of breaking shoot is every single individual makes difference, every individual has role to play, and every one of us impacts the world around everyday. And you, scientist know the two contextually even if you stay in bed your day, you are breathing oxygen and giving out CO2 and probably going to the XXX and things like that you’re making difference in the world.


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