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 Subject  :  on the street    2005-06-10 

They are lamps. For what ? Guess what?
In Seoul.
여긴 영문사이트인가여~ 왜 영어로만 하지~~ 영어 잘한다고 자랑하는거 아냐~ x {06.10}
메뉴에 잉글리쉬라고 써 있었구나~ x {06.10}
 Subject  :  Check it    2005-05-17 

Check the restroom.
THE RESTAURANT in Samchung-Dong
 Subject  :  moon    2005-05-01 

They are lamps for the Day of Buddha's coming on the street.
 Subject  :  a weird shadow    2005-04-14 

a weird shadow on the street.
It doesn't seem so weird.. Hmm..only.. extremely small skull thouhg.. ㅋㅋ x {06.17}
 Subject  :  The bus    2005-04-12 

The bus with window.
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