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 Subject  :  Thumbnail pictures about the trip to Japan in 2010    2010-11-19 
Trip to japan in 2010

 Subject  :  men wearing a hat    2010-10-27 

on the street of Gion in Osaka
 Subject  :  a scenery    2010-10-18 

(in the subway going to Kansai airport)

旅に 出よう,新しい 自分に,出会えるかも.
It means when we have a trip, we find another ourselves.
But I couldn't find anything. The reason why was too much food, a long sleep.  

on Monday 10/18/2010
 Subject  :  대장장이 화덕 피자집    2010-07-15 

I can imagine my friends and I are sitting there soon with big smile. ♥
mamama i'm in!   {07.16}
 Subject  :  night in Spring    2010-04-18 

night in Samchung-Dong
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